Looking Into the Future (LIFT-Liberia) is a nonprofit youth led peacebuilding, entrepreneurship, and youth leadership development organization in pursuance of a peaceful, free, coherent, productive, and a youth-driven society. LIFT-Liberia aims to provide leadership development for young people and gives them an entrepreneurial mindset that digs into their potential, and uses their energy and enthusiasm for worthy activities that don’t only contribute to the sustainability of peace and economic advancement, but also make them tools for good.
Through our volunteers (LIFTERS), LIFT-Liberia undertakes Peacebuilding initiatives, youth leadership and educational programs, community services, attends to the needs of children through mentorship, protection, and advocacy.
With friends and partners, we identify and implement projects directly linked to youth, peace, and security, education (building community reading rooms/libraries, book clubs), child protection, and youth empowerment.

Mission Statement
To build a productive, inclusive, and a coherent society through youth leadership, entrepreneurship, and responsiveness.

A society where youth are the drivers of innovation, social, political, and economic advancement.

LIFT-LIBERIA is established to provide services (education, advocacy, peace building) leadership training for youth, and ignite an entrepreneurial spirit among Liberian youth. The organization works with schools and educational institutions, individuals, businesses, and local and international organizations to achieve its goals and mission. LIFT-LIBERIA will operate around four distinct programs:

• Peacebuilding: LIFT-Liberia is a youth led peacebuilding organization that works with young people and stakeholders at grass root level. We work in high schools, universities, and at the community level through peace clubs and conduct monthly peace forum to understand the young people efforts and perspective in peacebuilding activities. These exercises enable us to keep young people engaged and involved in peacebuilding and sustaining the peace and at the same time echo their views to stakeholders and duty bearers.

• Leadership: Leadership is the central program of LIFT-LIBERIA. The organization works with partners to provide leadership training and career development programs for young people and students between the ages of 14-35. These trainings give them the necessary knowledge and skills to empower themselves in establishing goals and following through on commitments. We want to expand the perspectives of young people and give them a sense of purpose and meaning to make them aware of life’s possibilities.

• Entrepreneurship: With an entrepreneurial mindset and attitudes, youth can be more valuable to themselves and productive to society. Our entrepreneurship program focuses on youth aged 14-25 who have interest in either social entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship. These youth are trained, provided mentors, and given funds for their ventures.

Service Leadership: Service leadership focuses on undertaking community services, educational initiatives, and providing protection and mentorship for children, especially vulnerable and at risk children.
An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. LIFT-LIBERIA surrounds young people and children in a caring, inclusive learning environment that inspires pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and a sense of function to society.

Keys to Success
• Establish a strong network of support with the local and international public and private organizations, education system, communities, youth organizations, and parents.
• Build strong relationship with governments, businesses, organizations, financial institutions, and successful entrepreneurs.
• Launch a series of fundraising activities that successfully funds programs/activities.


In meeting its objectives and call to mission, LIFT-LIBERIA carries out the following activities:

# Leadership and career trainings for youth and students.
# Establishing peace clubs and conflict resolution centers in schools and communities.
# Child protection and mentorship through education initiatives such as book clubs and recreational activities.
# Providing business training for youth/students and sourcing start-up funds to support their ideas.
# Building community reading rooms/libraries to help the education and personal development of youth.
# Conducting educational programs (quizzing, essay, and debate) that promote academic excellence, critical thinking, and relational building.
# Undertaking community services, cleaning-up campaigns, painting of public facilities, and attending to people in need.

Management Summary
LIFT-LIBERIA’s management team consists of a Board of Directors and administrative staffs headed by the executive director. A team of professional young people run the organization. Our passionate and energetic volunteers known as LIFTERS are the heart of the organization.