The Center for Peacebuilding & Research provides basic materials and resources needed to facilitate smooth learning, peace building works, youth and leadership development, community development services and entrepreneurship. The center is owned and operated by LIFT Liberia and benefits over 15,000 youth and students in the slum and densely populated community of Clara Town and with more than 300,000 indirect beneficiaries in the Bushrod Island community and surrounding areas. The facility has up to date books, journals, articles and publications and youth and students friendly audio and video documentaries as researching and learning aids for young people. It also provides internet access for youth and students that enable them to seek opportunities online including online education through Coursera, EdeX, ALISON, etc.

It´s the only facility of such in the entire community.

The Center is made possible with support from WE-CARE Foundation and the World Lebanese Cultural Union-Liberia Branch with provision of books and laptops.